Payment of Orders

Order must be paid in full or at least 70% of the total amount due within the given deadlines through the following accepted modes of payment.



After each payment, payment details must then be sent through the CDT Payment Confirmation form.



Be sure to inform us if you cannot send the payment form on time.


Your payment details will also be sent to your email for verification and for further checking. Upon full payment, the order will be processed and prepared for ship-out as soon as the order items arrive in PH.


In case orders were not paid in full or at least 70% of the total amount due on or before the batch payment deadline, orders will already have a penalty of P50 per week up until the order items arrive in PH. If you fail to pay until then, you will already be considered as a ‘Joy Reserver’ and will be ‘Blacklisted’ where any orders from you will no longer be accepted.


For some orders, shipping fees will only be updated once parcels are already shipped and charged by our shipping providers. Updates for your payment details such as the remaining balance including the shipping fee may be checked through the CDT-BOR.



Downpayment Policy

For our downpayment policy, at least 70% of the orders’ total amount order due for pre-orders is accepted. See example below for sample computation:



For Order Number 5317, the total amount order due is P1870. From this, a minimum amount of P1309 must be paid in the indicated batch payment deadline in the Batch Schedules.

The remaining balance must then be settled 7 days after the arrival of items in the PH. After payment, orders will already be processed and scheduled for pick-up of the shipping provider.



Order Forfeiture

If you fail to settle your remaining balance or claim your items after 45 days upon item arrival to my place, all order and payments will be considered ‘Forfeited.’