Bulk Ordering

Cho Dabi Trading (CDT) Partner Bulk Ordering

CDT Partner Bulk Ordering is the revised CDT discount system for official fan clubs, and for wholesalers and resellers who are ordering CDT items in bulk.



By applying as a CDT partner, you can avail the following discounts upon reaching the minimum total order amount due for a batch.



Applying as a CDT Partner

Partners must apply to be able to avail CDT Partner Bulk Ordering Discount. Just fill-up the CDT Partner Application Form and start ordering.


Sending your Bulk Orders

Available Items and its prices may be viewed through CDT Items Pricelist (to be updated) .

For new releases, you may check our website at chodabitrading.com; however, please take note that set prices and freebies are not applicable under Partner Bulk Ordering.

For items that are neither on the CDT Items Pricelist nor on our website, kindly send the name and additional information about the item for item request through email at sales@chodabitrading.com. The availability of the item/s will be determined by our suppliers and will be sent through email.

Batch schedules and updates for all recent batches may be viewed at ‘CDT Batch Schedule’ page. In case of any delays in items arrival due to different circumstances, it is your responsibility to inform your customers without mentioning anything about CDT as your supplier. Rest assured, I will make sure that all items will be delivered on-time.

Bulk orders of CDT Partners must be sent through the CDT Partner Bulk Orders Form.


Please make sure to send your orders for items with pre-order gifts such as poster at least three days before the release date to ensure that these pre-order gifts will be secured; however, it must also be noted that they may also be out of stock without prior notice due to the limited quantity of these items produced by their respective companies.

Additional orders to previously sent orders will be accepted as long it is within the batch ordering period. The updated list of orders may be checked through the Cho Dabi Trading – Bulk Order Document (CDT-BOD) link will be sent via email.

The final list of orders will be confirmed and the payment details will be sent on the batch order cut-off date. Once confirmed or ordered to the supplier, order items may not be cancelled; otherwise, you will be considered as a ‘Joy Reserver’ and will be ‘Blacklisted’ where any orders from you will no longer be accepted.


Processing your Bulk Orders

Orders must be fully paid or at least 90% down payment of the total amount due excluding the shipping fee through the accepted modes of payment before the batch deadline of payment. After each payment, kindly confirm your payment through the CDT Payment Confirmation Form. Your payment details will also be sent to your email for verification and for further checking. Upon full payment, bulk orders will be processed and prepared for ship-out as soon as the orders items arrive in PH.


In case orders were not paid in full or at least 90% of the total amount due on or before the batch payment deadline, orders will already have a penalty of P50 per week up until the orders items arrive in PH. If you fail to pay until then you will already be considered as a ‘Joy Reserver ’and will be ‘Blacklisted’ where any orders from you will no longer be accepted.


For some orders, shipping fees will be updated once parcels are already shipped and charged by our shipping providers. Update for you payment details such as the remaining balance including the shipping fee may be through the CDT-BOD. The remaining balance must be settled 7 days after the arrival of items in the PH. After payment of both the remaining balance and the shipping fee, orders will already be processed and scheduled for pick-up of the shipping provider.


If you fail to settle your remaining balance or claim your items 45 days after items PH arrival, all orders and payments will be considered ‘Forfeited’.


Changes to Terms of Service

You can review the most current version of the Terms and Condition at any time at this page.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check our website or facebook periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to our website or the Service following the posting of any changes to these Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance of those changes.