Tzuyu 'Yes, I am Tzuyu.' 1ST PHOTOBOOK

Cho Dabi Trading (CDT)


Item Details


  • Photobook : 224 x 290mm / 254p
  • Accordion Postcard Set : 8EA 1SET
  • Photocard : 2EA 1SET
  • Special Ticket : Ticket is only included in 50EA Photobook.

Release Date:

  • 28-Apr-2020


  • Preorder Benefits / First press = Order Before or earlier than the release date of the items and make sure to confirm your order via email.  It’s also subject to availability from the manufacturer and can be sold out without prior notice.

Album Preview

Ordering with CDT

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  • All items purchased through Cho Dabi Trading are counted in charts such as Hanteo and Gaon for South Korea and Oricon for Japan and will surely support your favorite K-Pop artists.
  • Item specifications and release date are subject to change, depending on the circumstances.
  • Pre-orders are subject to delay or cancellation, depending on the circumstances.